Why Free Penny Stock Picks Are A Rip Off

Why Free Penny Stock Picks Are A Rip Off

Are you one of the few people that really, truly believe that someone that has truly amazing penny stock picks will give them away for free?

Ask yourself this question – why would they?  If they KNEW a winning penny stock pick was in their hands, why just give that info away?

Would you do that? Of course not!

Now, I know the argument that says that they give them away to spur demand, thereby driving up their own share holdings in the penny stocks.

But if these are truly great stock picks, they will NEVER be given away. And here’s why:

Why Free Penny Stock Picks are Far From Free:

Free penny stock picks are a ruse.  If you have something of true value, you will NEVER give it away for free.

By its very nature, something given away for free has NO value.   Stock picks are the same.

Even a nominal charge differentiates the said stock pick, showing intrinsic value, and compensation for a professional service.

Now, that doesn’t mean that just because a penny stock pick isn’t free that you should expect to pay an arm and a leg for good stock picks.

In fact, we recently found a penny stock picking service that for a limited time lets you grab a lifetime membership for as little as $7 (but only if you act fast)

The question naturally comes: if these stock picks are so great, then why do they only charge $7?

Simple, really:  While I have no evidence that this is the case, I suspect that they have holdings in the stocks they recommend.

And when everyone sees the recommendation and buys the penny stock, they get a nice little bounce in the price.

This is perfectly legal, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to piggyback off of this and share in the profits.

So by setting the price for this not quite free penny stock picking service at just $7, anyone willing to forego a double-latte at Starbucks can get access to the service

…but at the same time, they’ve also established that this is a service with value, and is not some piece of garbage that can only be given away.

So take the time to do your own due diligence on this $7 penny stock picking service – but hurry, this is a limited time only offer (normal price is $97).

If you click here, you will see that they actually have proof that their stock picks actually work.

So take some time and check this out. Again, this is not a free penny stock picking service…because free stock picks aren’t worth what you pay for them!


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